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DANNY DARUSSALAM Tax Center (DDTC)'s transfer pricing service is led by Romi Irawan and comprises two partners and 28 active TP specialists. The team has greatly expanded in the past year by adding 14 new TP professionals and one economist.

The firm offers an array of different TP services including advisory, documentation, transfer pricing valuation, TP risk management and planning, APA, MAP, audit defence, litigation and inter-company agreement drafting.

Every professional in the team has extensive experience enabling them to provide technical solutions that are supported by academic strength in various transfer pricing arenas including: business restructuring, pricing policy, sales and purchase, inter-company loan, guarantee fees, services, intangibles and leasing.

In September 2015, the transfer pricing team led by Irawan and senior partner Danny Septriadi guided a TP dispute concerning tax year 2008, when there was limited guidance on the application of the arm's-length principle in domestic legislation. The case concerns a transfer pricing dispute in relation to a member company of a Japanese multinational which manufactures consumer electronics products. The team's litigation strategy succeeded in the end and it successfully argued before the tax court using various interpretation materials.

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