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Welcome to World TP, the guide to the world's leading transfer pricing advisory practices.

The annual World Transfer Pricing guide is a key resource in assisting transfer pricing professionals locate specialist advice. Each edition rates the transfer pricing expertise offered in various jurisdictions, giving transfer pricing executives the most comprehensive information about the market for transfer pricing advice.

World Transfer Pricing is unique as it classifies professional services, law firms and other TP advice providers, including economists, together, rather than looking at them separately.

How to take part in the research

To take part in the annual research simply download, complete and submit our RESEARCH FORM.
You can submit your research form using our ONLINE PORTAL.
Submissions are due on March 27 2020.
You can submit one research form for each jurisdiction in which your firm is active.
PLEASE NOTE - The research form is a combined one allowing you to submit for both the World Tax and World Transfer Pricing research at the same time. However, we are happy to accept separate forms for both – and indeed for each sub-category within tax as well – If that is more relevant to your practice.
If you are a tax practitioner you can also take part in our PRACTITIONER SURVEY.

Research schedule

Research begins - January 2020
Submission deadline - March 27 2020
Research interviews conducted with practitioners and clients - April-June 2020
Rankings published - October 2020


Our research is entirely free and independent and no firm or professional can pay to be included.
Our rankings are based on three key criteria:

Work evidence

We ask all firms to provide deal and case highlights from their last 12 months of work.

Peer feedback

No one knows more about the tax market than those professionals who work in it.

We conduct a PRACTITIONER SURVEYof transfer pricing professionals to get their thoughts and feedback on our existing rankings.

All active legal transfer pricing professionals are invited to take part and we also speak to a great number of professionals through phone and face-to-face interviews.

Professionals cannot recommend their own firm or colleagues in their own firm.

Client feedback

We speak to a wide range of corporate and in-house contacts as part of our Client Feedback Survey to get their opinions on the firms and professionals they use.

We ask for feedback on the following attributes:

  • Technical ability
  • Accessibility and communication
  • Depth of team
  • Value for money
  • Client/lawyer relationship
  • International network

World Tax

International Tax Review publishes its own directory about advisers, lawyers and providers in that market. Please refer to it at www.itrworldtax.com if you are looking for more depth in this area.

The research for both World Tax and World Transfer Pricing is carried out in unison.