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ITR Awards, World Tax-World TP 2022 research is now LIVE

14 January 2021 by World TP staff

This year's cycle has begun, find more details inside

News & Analysis

Singapore: Future proof now, not later, as transfer pricing scrutiny evolves

10 June 2021 by Luis Coronado

Look at any of the largest tax audit and litigation cases of the last few years and it is more likely than not that some form of transfer pricing (TP) sits at - or very near - the heart of each one.

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India: Emerging transfer pricing landscape in the digital world

09 June 2021 by Deloitte - India

Today, we are in the midst of dynamic and compelling changes happening in the global tax regulations and the tax enforcement methods, as well as increasing enterprise-wide transformation.

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TFPS was awarded in the Leaders League 2021

06 April 2021 by TransFair Pricing Solutions - Luxembourg

The Leaders League awarded TransFair Pricing Solutions (“TFPS”) with the notation “Highly recommended” within the Transfer pricing - ranking 2021 - Law firm & Agencies – Luxembourg.

News & Analysis

TFPS – Webinar: Transfer pricing overview of Luxembourg

06 April 2021 by TransFair Pricing Solutions - Luxembourg

Starting from the end of the year 2016, over 10 legislations and guidelines directly or indirectly connected to transfer pricing were enacted in Luxembourg. These changes in the regulatory environment imply more disclosure requirements, which should be partially fulfilled in connection with the results of a transfer pricing analysis. Therefore, it confirms the importance of having a good understanding of the transfer pricing practice in Luxembourg for the day-to-day management of intra-group transactions.

News & Analysis

Indian Supreme Court judgment on income-tax characterisation of software payments

31 March 2021 by Deloitte - India

The Indian Supreme Court (SC), vide its judgment dated 2 March 2021, has decided a two-decade long income-tax litigation in India in relation to whether payments to foreign vendors towards purchase of computer software ought to be characterised as ‘royalty’ or as purchase of goods.

News & Analysis

India: Business restructuring in context of the Recent Danish National Court ruling

26 March 2021 by Deloitte - India

A business restructuring may typically be defined as a cross-border redeployment of functions, assets, and/or risks by a Multi-National Enterprise (MNE)

News & Analysis

Luxembourg: Substance trends impacting the AI sector?

16 March 2021 by KPMG

Sophie Boulanger and Bertrand Levy highlight the latest trends for 2021

News & Analysis

Luxembourg: What is the Brexit impact?

16 March 2021 by KPMG

Christophe Diricks, Quentin Warscotte, Sophie Boulanger and Xavier Martinez highlight the latest trends for 2021

News & Analysis

India: Related party transactions: Convergence of corporate governance and transfer pricing principles

02 February 2021 by Deloitte - India

Over the past two decades, India has witnessed an evolution in TP regulations.